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What is Y5?

Y5 is the world’s first crypto wealth token, building limitless utilities with real-world value to drive profits directly into the holders of our wealth token.

How does it work?

Wealth token holders will benefit from profits being fed back into the Y5 ecosystem through BB&Bs, which continuously reduce the circulating supply of the token, as well as increase reflection payouts.

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Our tokens.

Wealth Token



20% Tax on all TX & transfers

13% BUSD rewards
4% BB&B

2% Marketing

1% Liquidity Pool


Our wealth token is your personal share in the Y5 ecosystem. All of the profit from our revenue-generating utilities are used to conduct strategic buyback and burns in our wealth token.

This increases the price and reduces supply daily. 

Trader Token


1% Tax on all TX & transfers
0.2% Liquidity Pool
0.8% of each transaction contributes to strategic buyback and burns in the wealth token. 


Our trader token is designed to be used and traded on all major exchanges. As well used for liquidity pools in new upcoming projects. It operates as our main utility token within our ecosystem and moving forward, the Y5 blockchain.

2022 roadmap.


Exchange V2 Launch
Trader Token Launch 
GBP Stable Coin
Fiat on and off ramping
Major exchange listings



Exchange V2.1 Launch
EUR Stablecoin
USD Stablecoin

Wallet Insurance



Round up mobile application
Debit cards for your rewards
Fully Regulated ecosystem
Strategic BB&B of $100K +



Why invest in Y5?


Conducting strategic buyback and burns in our wealth token with all the profit generated from our utilities. 

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Our Y5 Trader Token will list on all major exchanges. Charging a tax that is used for LP and to contribute to our BB&B. 


Buy and hold the Y5 wealth token to receive 13% BUSD rewards automatically. We will stimulate the price with BB&B.


Contracts have been fully audited by a reputable company. As well as a public team that has completed a full KYC audit.


Automatic LP, with a huge 4% buyback. The team will also be conducting strategic buyback and burns with our reserves.

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Join a community that strives for transparency and global innovation. 



Stewart is responsible for setting vision, strategy and governance for Y5. He served in the British Armed Forces before moving into the private security and intelligence industry — ultimately transferring his skills to the risk, intelligence and regulatory compliance sector. He co-founded a successful compliance, risk & technology business that designed, built and deployed solutions for the global financial sector. He is a Freeman & Liveryman of the city of London.


Adam is responsible for the strategy around daily operations and governance for Y5.  Starting his career in the British Armed Forces, he developed a deep understanding of the importance of accurate, real-time intelligence — and its game-changing potential when applied in the right ways to the right challenges. The Military left Adam with military-grade attention to detail, helping him to both co-found and grow a technology business with Stewart. Adam is a Freeman of the city of London.​


Bradley is responsible for the roadmap, innovation and overall delivery of utilities of Y5. After serving in the British Armed Forces he left to work as a financial analyst, eventually working up to a financial trader in the City of London, then latterly moved into crypto currencies and innovative blockchain technology. Bradley works closely with Adam and Stewart to ensure

Y5's success in becoming the first regulated tokenomics exchange.


Dave is responsible for our technology and oversees our extensive development team. He has worked in the technology industry for over 20 years, most of which has been spent in senior leadership roles helping develop technology in the financial and insurance sector. He is a cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Defi enthusiast managing a great team of developers from all backgrounds, to ensure the delivery of the ambitious Y-5 roadmap.

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James is responsible for managing the DEX, CEX and Launchpad listings at Y-5. He has an occupational background within Cost Management, working alongside large-scale investors and project funders alike. James manages multiple portfolios of FX, commodities, US equities and in more recent times cryptocurrencies. Through development of personal interaction and cost risk management skills, he is well-placed to establish effective partnerships with other projects, optimising volume through Y5’s exchange / launchpad.

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Mr Eddy

Mr Eddy our chief mod comes from a Programme and Project Management background. Working on projects both in the UK and abroad. Having worked on large scale projects with Government organisations and private companies.



Please be aware that there are always risks associated with smart contracts. Please use at your own risk Y-5 Finance is not regulated, a registered broker, financial analyst or investment advisory company.


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Please be aware of the risks involved with any form of investment or trading activity done in any financial market. Please do not trade with money that you cannot afford to lose and when in doubt, you should consult a qualified financial advisor before making any investment decisions. It is important to read and understand the risks of this investment which are explained in detail in our legal section on our website.