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Y-5 Finance.
The Future of 


We do daily buyback and burns from our
revenue-generating utilities. 



01 / Fast

Y-5 Token holders will receive 13% of each transaction in BUSD  automatically. The contract will be the main component and the main purchasing pair on all assets listed on our exchange. 

02 / Innovative

Y-5 Token will be the first of its kind to become a fully regulated exchange that offers users tokenomics, staking, launchpad and much more. All built on its own sustainable blockchain... the Y-5 Chain.

03 / Easy

To receive 13% BUSD reflections just purchase Y-5 and add BUSD to your wallet. The Y-5 eco-system will be extremely user friendly and efficient, ultimately bridging new users to the space with a warm experience. 

The Y-5 management team have a long term strategy to create a never ending yield generating ecosystem. We will do this by creating our staking pools, play-to-earn games, and finally, we will become the first regulated exchange that offers tokenomics. Our team are well qualified in the risk and compliance sector allowing us to achieve this goal efficiently. Our main features will be: 

Striving to be the first regulated tokenomics exchange 
Y-5 blockchain
Staking pools 
Custom reflections
play-to-earn games
NFT marketplace
Security and audit service 


Primarily configured to redistribute wealth and ownership to the Y-5 community, Y-5 will lead from the front on all futuristic utilities. Creating the Y-5 Chain will allow us to build the tokenomics exchange as well as to reset network fees and become a 100% self-sustained ecosystem. Creating real long-term wealth for our community. 

Why invest in Y-5?


Conducting daily buyback and burns with all the profit generated from our exchange, launchpad, and other major utilities.

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Stake your Y-5 tokens against major BSC tokens to earn rewards passively. 


Buy and hold Y-5 to receive 13% BUSD rewards automatically. You will also be able to choose your rewards in the future. 


Contract has been fully audited by a reputable company. As well as a public team that has completed a full KYC audit.


Automatic LP, with a huge 4% buyback. The team will also be conducting strategic buyback and burns, decreasing the supply and making your tokens more valuable.

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Join a community that strives for transparency and global innovation. 



Stewart is responsible for setting vision, strategy and governance for Y-5. He served in the British Armed Forces before moving into the private security and intelligence industry — ultimately transferring his skills to the risk, intelligence and regulatory compliance sector. He co-founded a successful compliance, risk & technology business that designed, built and deployed solutions for the global financial sector. He is a Freeman & Liveryman of the city of London.


Adam is responsible for the strategy around daily operations and governance for Y-5.  Starting his career in the British Armed Forces, he developed a deep understanding of the importance of accurate, real-time intelligence — and its game-changing potential when applied in the right ways to the right challenges. The Military left Adam with military-grade attention to detail, helping him to both co-found and grow a technology business with Stewart. Adam is a Freeman of the city of London.​


Bradley is responsible for the roadmap, innovation and overall delivery of utilities of Y-5. After serving in the British Armed Forces he left to work as a financial analyst, eventually working up to a financial trader in the City of London, then latterly moved into crypto currencies and innovative blockchain technology. Bradley works closely with Adam and Stewart to ensure

Y-5's success in becoming the first regulated tokenomics exchange.


Dave is responsible for our technology and oversees our extensive development team. He has worked in the technology industry for over 20 years, most of which has been spent in senior leadership roles helping develop technology in the financial and insurance sector. He is a cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Defi enthusiast managing a great team of developers from all backgrounds, to ensure the delivery of the ambitious Y-5 roadmap.

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Paris is our latest member of the Y5 team. With a true passion for front end development and great believer in user experience with thorough testing. Coming off the back of working on a group project where a block chain solution with front end was submitted for tender to Anglo American we didn't hesitate to take Paris on to take us on our ambitious Y-5 roadmap.