The New Standard in DeFi Tokens

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01 / FAST

Y-5 Token holders will receive 13% of each transaction in BUSD  automatically. This will eventually change so token holders can choose which tokens they wish to receive rewards in. We are currently mid-development on the software. 

02 / Innovative

Y-5 Token is the first of its kind to offer users rewards from 5 different streams. Also gives the option for its users to receive rewards in a token of their choice, meaning Y-5 will never go out of fashion by allowing the holder to choose their reflections.

03 / EASY

To receive the reflections all you have to do is add the tokens to your wallet and be patient. The rewards can be manually claimed from the dashboard, however, this can also depend on your holdings and volume. 

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Choose up to 5 tokens for your
Stake against PCS LP algorithms to earn +49.8% APR
Receive 13% in reflections
Receive APR from PCS LP pools automatically in a token of your choice.
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The current reflections will be 13% in BUSD. We will launch the custom reflections feature in Q2 2022, this will allow token holders to choose up to 5 tokens they wish to get reflections in... meaning Y-5 will never go out of fashion and always stay relevant and reflect in what is hot. 

BSC Address:  0X
Reflections 1:  0X
Reflections 2:  0X
Reflections 3:  0X
Reflections 4:  0X
Reflections 5:  0X



Stewart is responsible for setting vision, strategy and governance for Y-5. He served in the British Armed Forces before moving into the private security and intelligence industry — ultimately transferring his skills to the risk, intelligence and regulatory compliance sector. He co-founded a successful compliance, risk & technology business that designed, built and deployed solutions for financial services with Adam and his experience allows him to analyse threats and opportunities and rapidly apply pragmatic problem solving to achieve objectives and long term growth. He is a freeman & liveryman of the city of London.


Adam is responsible for the strategy around daily operations and governance for Y-5.  Starting his career in the British Armed Forces, he developed a deep understanding of the importance of accurate, real-time intelligence — and its game-changing potential when applied in the right ways to the right challenges. The Military left Adam with military-grade attention to detail, helping him to both co-found and grow a technology business with Stewart. Adam is a Freeman of the city of London.​


Bradley is responsible for the roadmap, innovation and overall delivery of Y5. After serving in the British Armed Forces he left to work as a currency trader in the City of London then latterly moved into crypto currencies and block chain technology. Bradley works closely with Adam and Stewart to ensure Y5 deliver for its investors and the community.


David is responsible for our technology and oversees our extensive development team. He has worked in the technology industry for over 20 years, most of which has been spent in senior leadership roles. He is a cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Defi enthusiast.



Q4 2021

  • Contract Creation

  • Dashboard Development 

  • PCS LP Algorithm Testing 

  • CoinScope Audit

  • KYC Team 

  • Presale - 28/12/2021

  • PCS Launch -  29/12/2021

Q1 2022

  • Staking Pools

  • Play-To-Earn Games

  • Certik Audit

  • CMC & CG Listing ​

  • Dashboard Launch 

Q2 2022

  • Seamless V2 Launch 

  • Custom Reflections Launch

  • PCS LP Algorithm Launch 

  • Launch Pad

  • Fully Regulated Exchange With Tokenomics