Complete Guide To The Y-5 Trader Token.

Updated: Jun 9

Y-5 is an established, well known token on the Binance Smart Chain with 4500+ investors and a market cap of $8.5m, a strong community and a dedicated, fully doxxed team.

With the upcoming launch of the new Y-5 Centralised Exchange and later, the Y-5 Blockchain, questions about how investors would interact with these utilities were raised within the core team.

Most Centralised exchanges have their own token. Binance has BNB. has CRO. Swissborg has, well, Swissborg. All blockchains have their own native token. Ethereum has Ether. Polygon has Matic. The reasoning was simple. Y-5 needed its own utility token that would become the go-to token to trade with on the new centralised exchange, and later the fully native token when the blockchain is deployed and migration complete.

The decision was made. The tokenomics were carefully calibrated. The private sale, presale and launch dates were confirmed. Y-5 Trader Token was born.

The Trader Token (Y5TT) will be one of several revenue generating utilities that feed their profits towards the original Y-5 token, now rebranded the Y-5 Wealth Token (Y5WT). Holders of the Y-5WT receive 13% Binance-Pegged USD as a reward, based upon their holding and daily volume.

The tokenomics:

The Y5TT will be a low tax token with a finite supply of 50m tokens. The total tax generated is 1%, taxable on both buy and sell transactions of the Trader Token. 0.2% will go towards keeping the liquidity pools fully loaded. 0.8% would go toward Buyback and Burn in the Y5WT. One cannot talk about the Trader Token without talking about its positive effects on the Wealth token.

To briefly explain; an investor buys $1000 of Y5TT. $2 & $8 (0.2% and 0.8% respectively) would be taken from the original $1000. The $2 would be sent to the liquidity pool, the $8 would be sent to a separate wallet, where once a predetermined threshold is met, it will buy Y5WT (increasing the price and contributing to daily volume) and then burn (take out of circulation) those tokens (creating a smaller circulating supply and increasing market cap)

The benefits:

Y-5 Trader Token will be an essential part of the Y-5 ecosystem. Buying at private sale should bring the best possible chance of profit potential. At launch 1 TT at launch will be worth somewhere between 0.10c and 0.50c. We expect that to rise over time. For comparison, look to BNB. When Binance launched their native token, BNB, it was 0.03c, and at All Time High it was worth closer to $550.

The price appreciation was enormous. Y5TT will have the very same use case at BNB. Should Y-5 start life at 0.10c and go to $1, that would be 10x from listing. If it went to $10, 100x. The possibilities are huge.

The funds raised through the private sale for Trader Token will be directed to paying listing fees for large centralised exchanges such as LBank, DigiFinex and up to 30 more. This will give the Trader Token a wide audience, and with a low token tax will open Y-5 up to day traders who will be and to swing trade it, something that is not possible with the Y-5 Wealth token because of the 20% tax on both buys and sells.

The more people buying and selling Trader Token, the more Buyback and burn for Wealth token holders, its circular system, where holders of both will realize the biggest gains.

The USP:

Team Tokens: When most new tokens launch the team takes a proportion as payment, this will not be the case with Y-5 Trader Token. The team will have zero tokens and therefore they will never be able to sell them. This is a truly positive sign from the Core Team and one that rarely happens in crypto.

Private Sale buyers: If you buy at presale your tokens will be worth 50% more at launch than you paid to get the tokens. The math is simple. For every 1 BNB you invest at private sale you’ll receive 1500 Trader Tokens. The listing price at launch will be 1000 tokens per BNB.

Being part of the ecosystem: Investors finding our Trader Token on the centralised exchanges will likely do some further research into Y-5 and the ecosystem that is being built. It doesn’t stop at Y-5 Wealth token and Y-5 Trader Token. There’s the Y-5 debit card, Fiat on / off ramping, the round up app, the blockchain, staking pools, several 1:1 fiat backed stable coins, the IDO launchpad and wallet insurance, P2E games and a custom rewards dashboard.

Profits from all of the listed utilities above will be funnelled towards Buyback and Burn as and when they utilities are live deployed to the BSC mainnet (or Y-5 blockchain, once live)

Why Y-5 Finance is different:

The planning and preparation that has gone into Y-5 is far more rigorous than most. The single biggest factor about Y-5’s future has not yet been stated.

Y-5 is partnered with The Albany Group, whose role is to focus on achieving regulated status for the Centralised Exchange. This would come from Gibraltar, whose Government is at the forefront of cryptocurrency regulation.

Meetings are happening constantly with regulators with the aim to create a safe place for investors to trade their crypto currency. Few projects are jumping through the hoops needed to accomplish this, and when it happens, Y-5 will become a haven for institutional investors all over the world who want to trade in cryptocurrency but want to do it through the proper channels.

Next Steps:

As aforementioned, Y-5 has so much potential. If you are interested in joining our private sale for the Trader Token you can still do so. However you’ll need to purchase some Y-5 Wealth token first through the Y-5 Decentralised Exchange or PancakeSwap, and you’ll need a decentralised wallet in which to store it (MetaMask for example).

If you’re unsure about how to go about this, one of our team can talk you through it, one on one. Simply join our Telegram or Discord chat where our team is ready to help 24 hours a day.

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