What is the Y5 Ecosystem?

As a potential investor, you may be wondering, “Why should I invest in Y5? What is the potential here vs other crypto projects? Which one of the tokens should I invest in?” With so much behind this project, it’s easy to miss some important aspects of the Y5 ecosystem and this article is meant to answer these questions.

It’s important to note that Y5 Finance is not just a token, it is a growing crypto ecosystem which is centred around the Y5 Wealth Token (Y5WT). Each added component (or utility) will act as puzzle pieces and, when put together with the Y5 blockchain, will complete the entire Y5 ecosystem.

Every bit of profit within this ecosystem will contribute back to the Y5WT through continual Buy Back and Burn (BBB). Now before getting into the details of the ecosystem, let’s take a look at the two different tokens offered by Y5.

Y5 Wealth Token (Y5WT)

Launched in January 2022, Y5WT holders have already received over $3.4 million of Binance-Peg Stablecoin (BUSD) rewards as the token automatically redistributes 13% of each transaction back to its holders in real-time.

Rebranded as the space's first “Wealth Token”, the Y5WT is the heart of the entire Y5 ecosystem with all revenue-generating utilities providing back to the Y5WT through strategic buy-back and burns of its native token. By these principals, owners of Y5WT are viewed as shareholders of Y5 as the release of each new utility (product) will benefit the overall price and supply of Y5WT.

With a buy and sell tax of 20%, Y5WT owners benefit from the long-term hold of these tokens as the stable inflow of strategic buyback and burn will not only increase the token's value but also their share of the BUSD rewards taking them one step closer to financial freedom.

In addition to the 13% reflections, another 7% of each transaction is used to advance the project and its long-term ambitions including 4% of transactions to buy back and burn its circulating supply, 2% to the project wallet and 1% to the liquidity pool. Currently, approximately 15% of the supply has been burned and the contract wallet has accumulated over 2,400 BNB which will be used strategically for future burns – this is in addition to the strategic burns conducted by the revenue-generating utilities.

Y5 Trader Token (Y5TT)

The Y5TT was launched in early May 2022 and serves as an important part of the Y5 ecosystem. With a 3% tax on Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) and a 1% on Centralized Exchanges (CEX), it creates a great attraction to day traders who will be able to profit from smaller swings in price.

As of this writing, the Y5TT has already launched on 3 CEX’s with several more in the pipeline in the coming months. This will increase the overall Y5 exposure across markets outside of the DeFi space. With the launch of the Y5 CEX, the Y5TT will be an integral part of the exchange. It will serve as a trading pair for new and established tokens alike.

Looking further ahead, the Y5TT will be the native token supporting the Y5 Blockchain (Y5TT will be to Y5 what BNB is to Binance) at which point taxes on the Y5 CEX will be reduced to zero. With a static supply of just over 6 million tokens, mass adoption of this token can surely increase the price significantly in the near future. Most importantly, 0.8% of DEX volume and up to 1% of CEX volume will contribute to the buyback and burn of the Y5WT.

*Please refer to the articles “Y5 Wealth Token vs. Y5 Trader Token” and “Complete Guide to the Y5 Trader Token” under the Y5 Academy for even more details on these tokens.

With the two tokens thoroughly explained above, we can now take a deeper dive into the entire Y5 ecosystem.

The Y5 Ecosystem

Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges

V1 of the Y5 DEX launched in Q1 2022 with 0.3% of all daily exchange volume allocated to the strategic buyback and burn of the Y5WT. Projects wanting to list on the Y5 Exchange are vetted by the core team and must pay a listing fee which is also contributed to the strategic buyback and burn of the Y5Wt. Still, in its infancy, the Y5 DEX has contributed to the burn of more than 1.5 trillion Y5WT tokens (as of Q2 2022).

V2 of the exchange will look to build upon the success of V1 by becoming a fully integrated CEX and DEX combined* with fiat on/off ramp capabilities as well as the introduction of the Y5GBP stable coin and will start off with an initial 50 coins and tokens.

*Please refer to the article “What are the differences between DEX and CEX?” under the Y5 Academy for a more detailed breakdown.

What makes the Y5 CEX stand out amongst other centralized exchanges is that it will be the first CEX that will fully support tokenomics. With this, several projects will now have the means to get themselves out of Defi and into the centralized space with the added benefit of reaching an entirely new community of investors.

Future iterations of the CEX will include NFT login capabilities through secure data storage and verification, allowing holders to log into the platform seamlessly, the release of Y5EURO, Y5USD and other stable coins (thus providing additional liquidity pools for projects), the Y5 Debit Card, the Round-Up Application and more.

Future updates to the exchange will allow projects listed on the Y5 CEX to inject into liquidity pools backed by the Y5 stable coins which will ultimately benefit projects by not limiting their market cap due to fluctuations of currently paired tokens.

Furthermore, the roadmap proposed by Y5 Finance has received approval within Gibraltar in order to operate as a fully regulated tokenomics exchange – the first of its kind.


Y5 Finance hopes to provide a simple, yet, effective service for any project looking to launch its token through Y5’s launchpad. Initially, projects will be given the option to select liquidity pools between PancakeSwap and Y5 Finance (Y5TT), however, this will eventually be restricted to Y5 Finance’s own liquidity pool under Y5TT or their stable coins.

Fees for the Launchpad will be extremely competitive: 2% of the raise and 1% of the tokens listed for sale. Furthermore, tokens received will NOT be dumped by Y5 Finance, instead, reflection earnings from the tokens held will be used towards the buyback and burn of the Y5WT. As an added benefit, projects choosing to launch with Y5 will also be listed on the Y5 tokenomics exchange free of charge.

Stable Coins

The Y5 CEX will launch with the Y5GBP, the first of its kind, and will be backed 1-to-1 by fiat reserves. The stable coins will be used for LP as well as the fiat on/off-ramp for the Y5 CEX. In the future, the team will also be releasing Y5EURO and Y5USD coins as well as several others. More details, including release dates, to be provided by the team in the future.

Debit Card

The Y5 Debit Card will allow you to collect BUSD rewards from your Y5WT holdings and spend it however you like in your day-to-day life. The Y5 Debit Card will also allow you to convert to any currency of your choosing with fees collected to be allocated towards the BBB of the Y5WT. More details on the Y5 Debit Card will be released by the team in the future.

Round-Up App

Y5 will be partnering with Google and Apple Pay in order to create the Round-Up Mobile Application. This will be an application you will be able to download on your phone and use wherever Google and Apple pay is accepted. The user will be able to set a round-up amount and when you purchase any item, that round-up amount will be used to buy any crypto of your choice through the Y5 CEX. Not only that, but you will be able to split rewards into as many cryptos as you like. More details, including release dates, to be provided by the team in the future.

Wallet Insurance

Y5 will also offer monthly subscriptions at different price points to ensure your CEX holdings. The insurance will cover all assets in your CEX wallet with no maximum. Terms and conditions regarding the insurance have yet to be disclosed as the policy is still being written out and will be advised at a later time. Profits from the wallet insurance will all drive back to Y5WT through BBB.


Y5 Finance plans to launch a robust staking platform allowing holders to take advantage of several staking options while offering lucrative APRs by supporting the staking pools with their revenue-generating utilities.

Once live, Y5 holders will be able to stake their Y5 tokens and choose rewards based on one of several tokens. All staking details will be released in the near future including how-to guides and videos.

DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)

Y5 Finance also has its own fully functional DAO which allows for the community to get involved by proposing ideas and changes for the core team.

Proposals are then voted for by the community and are discussed and delivered by the core team based on several factors including the potential impact of the change as well as the ability for the change to provide a revenue stream for Y5 Finance.

Y5 Blockchain

The Y5 Blockchain will open up a realm of possibilities for the Y5 ecosystem as it will act as the glue that binds together each piece of the Y5 ecosystem puzzle.

With the Y5TT serving as its driving token, all transaction fees will contribute towards the BBB of the Y5WT.

The Y5 team is currently in the planning stages of the Y5 blockchain; its features and eventual release will be advised at a future date.

Y5 Finance is driving to become more than just a pair of tokens, the team is looking to build an entire self-reliant ecosystem capable of standing on its own while rewarding its loyal holders for the use of any part of that ecosystem. By owning either Y5WT or Y5TT, you are not only holding a token but a revenue-generating product that will continuously provide value as the project grows. In the end, the choice is yours, but with so much completed in such a short amount of time, Y5 Finance is definitely on the cusp of a new era in crypto.


If you’re unsure about how to go about this, one of our team can talk you through it, one on one. Simply join our Telegram or Discord chat where our team is ready to help 24 hours a day.

This article will be updated as our roadmap goals are achieved or changed – Latest update: June 2022

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